Reason Snacking Is Bad For Dental Health

According to a survey, 30% of total population in US does the snacking three times per day. And 90% people snack every day. While these facts may not matter to the people who don’t know how bad snacking can be, dentists know about it very well and they would always recommend anyone to limit the snacking to a level at which the damage can remain controllable.

It’s not just the dental health which gets affected due to snacking

While there is no denying that dental health alone should be the sufficient reason for you to stay away from excessive snacking, it’s not the only aspect to worry about. Snacking can be bad for the overall health in pretty aggressive way.

Snacking with wrong types of foods can increase the risks of obesity, higher blood pressure and heart problems. The main reason is people usually want to do the snacking with the fast foods which usually have higher cholesterol, high calories and more salts. These foods are not only comforting but they can also make anyone addicted to them, making things going in the wrong direction pretty fast.

Snacking and teeth

One major reason for the bad dental health is higher acidity in the mouth, which means that pH level of the mouth is normal. When acidity in the mouth increases, the pH level also increases. It is one of the different ways your mouth can be checked for the amount of acidity it may have.

When we eat, the food breaks down in out mouth. This fragmented food is used by bacteria in the mouth. It means that bacteria can produce more acid which interacts with the tooth enamel. When tooth enamel is exposed to the excessive amount of acid, it can be eaten away and the vulnerable side of the teeth is then exposed. This process can result in the development of cavities and even tooth loss.

Good news is that mouth naturally produces saliva which tends to keep the pH level in normal state. But when you snack too much, it can result in the inability of saliva to bring things to normal.

Things you need to do

First you need to make sure that your oral hygiene practices are flawless. There can be consistent series of occasions in our lives when it becomes to too difficult to avoid the intake of wrong foods. In those situations, proper technique of brushing and flossing remains to the best line of defense against bacterial action in the mouth.

Next thing is, of course, avoiding the types of snacks which can be dangerous for oral health. Sugary, salty, acidic and the foods with high cholesterol must be avoided to ensure good oral health.

Then, it is also the fact that snacking is fun. Although you should never ignore the importance of good dental and oral health, you need to do the snacking in a smarter way if it is too difficult to quit the habit. You can pick healthy foods like fruits and vegetables as your snacking option. It may sound difficult at first but it will get easier when you remain consistent for only a few days.


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